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Continuous Improvement With Growth Driven Design

Posted by: Joe Tuckwell

There’s rarely a good reason to throw away your whole website and start again. We get requests like this all the time only to then discuss content and features that already exist on the current website.

Continuous Improvement With Growth Driven Design

Sure you might be bored with the design, need to update copy to support new communications, or even change the way some things work. But to throw away all of your previous investment is short sighted. Has your organisation really changed that much in such a short space of time? Or the bigger question, why have you waited so long to make changes to your website?

I recently saw a great talk by @LittleHelli at Port80 on Growth Driven Design, which mirrored the ethos of my ‘Refine, Don’t Redesign’ talk at Digital Buffet last year and a topic I’m passionate about.

Growth Driven Design (GDD)

Essentially GDD is a continuous improvement approach to website design; prioritising changes to the site and then evaluating those changes as you go. It allows us to make improvements in small cycles rather than scrapping the website completely and all the good work (and budget) that’s been invested in it previously. Small GDD changes allow us to:

  • Move to a goal-led strategy
  • Support business/marketing needs much more quickly
  • Give greater transparency on which changes have the biggest impact
  • Reduce large upfront financial investment
  • Address user needs more effectively - form follows function
  • Stop projects getting stale

Being Goal-Led

Being able to prioritise changes effectively is crucial. Not everything on the website wish list will deliver the same value to your business. One of the most powerful tools with Growth Driven Design is using the 80/20 rule to evaluate which changes need to be made first. By prioritising your project wish list against project goals you get a sense of the 20% of changes capable of delivering 80% of the desired growth. Ditch the ‘nice to have’ attitude!

The great thing about Growth Driven Design is that it doesn’t change the traditional web design process so project teams can use it without adopting a new workflow. We still research, design and build, only we’re focussed on a specific goal and are careful to measure the impact that any changes make.

  • Define the goal and benchmark for future evaluation
  • Research user needs
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing and design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Evaluate and inform better future changes

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