Notes and ideas from Moresoda

Creating Your Agency and Client Team

As part of our recent brand refresh, we’ve been thinking about why we do what we do, what’s important to us and what we enjoy. We looked at the brands we have worked with at present and in the past, and those we want to work with in the future.

Creating Your Agency and Client Team

Overwhelmingly, the biggest reward for us is providing our clients with a website they can be proud of and can share their delight with their team, their clients and potential new customers.

The food and lifestyle brands we work with come in all shapes and sizes, but many of the projects we enjoy share some striking similarities.

Firstly, the openness of the individuals involved to share knowledge, opinions and their plans for the future encourages the kind of collaboration that can make what is a daunting prospect for them, an exciting opportunity. At times sensitive information needs to be discussed, but without knowing what the bigger picture is, we risk missing something critical when we narrow the focus on the immediate job in hand.

Secondly, it’s the ambition of owner-founder food and lifestyle brands. They have enjoyed growth and are looking to digital marketing as one of many ways to get what they do in front of new audiences and engage new fans.

Their ambition makes them easy to support. At times, the underdog taking on the multi-nationals, or just because they are trying something new and innovative. As consumers ourselves, the quality of what they produce also means that we are delighted to champion them.

When these factors are aligned, the resulting enjoyable project experience produces a website and on going activity that everyone can take real pleasure in pushing customers to see, use and engage with.

Not the sole reasons for choosing your project team, but important factors which shouldn’t be underestimated.