Notes and ideas from Moresoda

Our EE Add-ons Have a New Home

Posted by: Joe Tuckwell

Selling ExpressionEngine Add-ons was our first venture outside of a service business model and while we are still incredibly proud of the add-ons we produced, we have learnt some important lessons and have now decided to discontinue future development.

We are usually pretty busy delivering projects for our clients and our business is set up to work this way. We pride ourselves on the way we tackle our clients’ problems and the speed that we provide help. However, we have learnt supporting software is a totally different beast and now realise we aren’t equipped to do both at the same time.

We only have five add-ons and only one of those is a paid add-on, yet it still requires a big chunk of development time every day to support them to the standard we want to. Support typically falls on Chris’s shoulders so if he is busy on client work the add-on support slips and we hate delivering a sub-standard service so we’ve decided to move away from this.

For fans of moreEvents and our other add-ons all is not lost. Chris has agreed to take the add-ons personally and, working alongside his own network of EE elite developers, will support and evolve the add-ons. From today all Moresoda add-ons will now be available through Christopher Imrie on Devot-ee.